6/27 Potential Research Questions

The following are three research questions that I have produced and will inquire people’s impressions of them.

  1. How do writing and technology converge in activism?
  2. In what ways is technology instrumental in social movements?
  3. How has activism evolved with the advent and incorporation of technology?



After asking three people about the three research questions I created, #3 received the most negative or critical response. One respondent—a lovely but brutally honest friend—claimed that the third question was, “too complicated in language, especially because it does not say much.” Ouch. This was while the two other respondents dodged the question like a bullet. There is very little that needs to be said after receiving this feedback, as I now know that there is not much substance to the third question and I cannot possibly conjure a research paper on its premise.


It was the first two questions that received the most engagement, which has shown to be promising. One friend said, “I find the second question most impactful because it can answer the history & ways to utilize technology for the target audience.” This was vitally important feedback because the friend then felt compelled enough to locate examples of how writing, technology, and social movements have intersected. One case she was able to provide regards the undocumented immigrant movement, and the use of radio. This extends beyond the Internet, which was the only medium I had considered up to this point. I also received positive feedback on question #1, because of its explicit consideration on writing. The friend considered writing as a technology, by emphasizing how the question could incorporate literature that inspired activism. Once again, this was something I had not thought of and I am grateful for this feedback. The questions’ flexibility worked.


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