6/1 What I… Love Listening To

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“4 Your Eyes Only,” is double platinum artist J. Cole’s most recent album. The rap album is more than a collection of songs; it is a deeply animated tale rare in message and form. The songs cohesively describe the evolution and end of J. Cole’s childhood friend James McMillan Jr. It is reflective of the struggles of being black, male, and born into a world in which the only thing that enables you to survive is hope. This hope is James McMillan Jr.’s daughter, who J. Cole rapped this album specifically for; to document the life of her father, and to let her know that despite his death, he loves her and envisions success for her life in ways he was never able to see.
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“Mostly Lit” is my favorite podcast. Three Black Brits discuss pop culture, history, and the fixtures of contemporary society through the lenses of literature. It is purely awesome!
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Alvaro Diaz’s “San Juan Gran Prix” is a groovy trap album by a rising Puerto Rican rapper. It is unique because it fuses influences American hip-hop music and jazz but is in the Spanish language. Honestly, I love the album.
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The Breakfast Club is a radio show in New York City. While I do not live in and am not from NYC, I often watch and listen to their exclusive interviews on Youtube. They bring the best guests and host exclusive and extensive interviews, showing people I look up to most in their most vulnerable forms. It also helps that some of our greatest pop cultural references started from hilarious interviews on this show.
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SiR is an R&B singer from Los Angeles, California, signed to Top Dawg Entertainment (a small, record label with some of the most influential artists in the world like Kendrick Lamar). SiR’s EP “Her Too” is a masterpiece, with cheerful, smooth, and hard-hitting records that make you nostalgic of the old days of R&B, while rejoicing how R&B has evolved.


Reflection on Selfies with a Social Conscience

The “What I…” Project I have created does not necessarily pertain to my reflections on “Selfies with a Social Conscience,” particularly because much of what I listen to is online and only accessible through the internet. While I could have taken selfies with my phone or laptop showing what I listen to, it would have been awkward, to say the least. This does introduce questions though about the way in which technology has transformed our audio and visual habits, changes that have paralleled in time with how technology has transformed our writing habits. If I was born around several years (if not decades) earlier, I would have taken pictures with CD albums and a radio. Nowadays, taking screenshots of what I listen to using my computer suffices. Much like Barron argues that the computer has evolved and shifted our writing, the computer has similarly shifted our musical and other auditory experiences.

The Selfie with a Social Conscience project is interesting because it has encouraged me to acknowledge the ways in which selfies are pivotal in revealing who you are. This exposure can translate into life opportunities—such as employment and marriage, as demonstrated with LinkedIn and Match.com. It also is a way to express yourself, as selfies are often used in blogs and art. Another example of how selfies are used is in personal and public websites for actors. Actors need personal websites to feature their portfolios, and actors also register for websites that help connect actors to cinematic projects.


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  2. The project asked for selfies rather than pictures of the artists. But you addressed that and changed the project for your favour. And it allows the reader to feel what you feel when you are asked to take a selfie vs actually taking a selfie. Nice Job


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